If you're having problems of any kind (i.e., accessing your purchase), or questions regarding the site please follow these two steps:

FIRST - if you have paid and are experiencing issues please follow the instructions below. *If you bought both offers, front end and Plus upsell, please definitely follow below to link up BOTH purchases.

SECOND - If you are still having issues, or have another issue or question, please submit a support ticket HERE and make sure you include CPNOW in the subject or body of the ticket so we can help you promptly.

If you have access issues, please read before proceeding!

On occasion, sometimes we're quick to want to access our purchases at WarriorPlus, but we cannot! Here's the simple solution 🙂

If you have upgraded to the PLUS membership... and you can ONLY access the Plus membership, but NOT the regular trainings, please follow these steps to link up your purchase.

1) Go to and Log in if you are not already logged in. (A new window will open when you click that link so you can remain here).

2) Click on the Creative Profits Now (FE) purchase

3) Click on "Access Your Product".

It will likely ask you to set up an account (or log in). If you try to set up an account, it MAY error and say you are already a member, that's ok! Follow what it says to log in.

From there, the system SHOULD properly provide you access to the main trainings.

If you still have an issue, please contact our support desk HERE, create a ticket (SPECIFY CPNOW in the subject so we can help faster) - and let us know your purchase info (email, plus your username here). That way we can link it up for you.

Creative Profits Now