Join us on Thursday, December 10, 2020 for an exciting new launch, "Creative Profits Now" for Low Content Entrepreneurs.

We all know that creating and selling printables and print on demand products can be very profitable.

Amber Jalink & Andreas Quintana have teamed up to bring you a brand new release, "Creative Profits Now".

This product focuses on a special targeted strategy that is very under-used in the marketplace, yet people are CONSTANTLY looking to buy (and proving it with their wallets).

In fact, on Etsy, some of these strategies are earning a minimum of $600+ to as much as $30,000+!


CreativeProfits Now is a simple training course that provides 7 ways to use this tactic, 4 of which are lesser known. 

They are revealed in 7 videos, not just telling "what" it is, but showing HOW to do it using Canva. These products fit either the print on demand industry, (mugs, shirts), but also printables and can be sold as books on Amazon KDP if desired.

It's the perfect strategy to create unique low content books and printables!


We've introduced the "PLUS" level of CreativeProfits Now to expand with four additional printable type products that are perfect for Etsy and Gumroad, but CAN also be sold on Amazon KDP! (In fact, two of them would do amazingly well with KDP).

The upsell includes 4 additional training videos, as well as some templates for a "quick start" for some of the printables.

The upsell is NOT required for a person to be successful, but of course it contains additional ideas.

Launch Details, Pricing & Commissions:

Creative Profits Now launches on Thursday December 10th at 12 noon eastern time zone (11 a.m. Central time).

Launch pricing is available for 5 days only, after that it goes up.

Front end price: $17 - Commission: 50%

Upsell price: $27 - Commission: 50%

For this launch we decided against additional upsells. We felt that it needs to be something people can use and profit with quickly - without spending a ton of money to get going with it.

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These Printables Sell Like Hotcakes!

Print on Demand products that buyers can’t resist!


You might have heard of printables and print-on-demand before. You might have even sold some yourself.

Now, Amber and Andreas have come up with 7 brand new ways to profit from these printables starting right now and leading into 2021.

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The best thing about this method is that it’s evergreen and always trending.

You will learn all about these 7 easy ways to sell and profit from printables inside this brand new course.

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Print on Demand Products that are HOT right now!

Build your printables empire and start 2021 with a BANG!


Printables are Trending and Hot right now. With many people stuck at home right now, they are looking for products to buy online and print out right away.

Amber and Andreas came up with not only one, but SEVEN unique ways to profit from printables and print on demand products.

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The products that they show you how to create in their course are trending and evergreen, which means that you will be able to profit from your efforts in the long run.

Get started today and make commissions within the next 24 hours.

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Creative Profits Now