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You know that creating and selling printables is not only fun, it's profitable!  Amazon, Amazon KDP, Etsy, EBay, Gumroad and SO many other places can be a virtual goldmine for you... IF you can be unique.

And we discovered some unique and different products that SO many are ignoring!

Hey, this is Amber Jalink here - a little while ago I was sharing this idea I had with Andreas Quintana in a private chat, and between the two of us, the research we did blew us both away.  Of course we're already doing this ourselves, but there's plenty of space for everyone.

In fact, it's really not something that will EVER get "saturated" which in itself, shows the power of these 7 ideas.

So we decided to team up and get this out for you, so YOU could also profit with it!

You may be wondering what makes either one of us qualified to even share this.

In case you don't know me, I (Amber) have been working online FULL TIME since May of 1997 - yes, a whopping 23+ years!!  And for the last several years, my focus has been on creating journals, planners, calendars, and other low content type books. I own over 100 domains (I've slowly been letting several go though as I focus even more), and I have created several successful websites.

In fact,  back in August we released the Activity Book Generator, which has been a big hit to help create coloring and activity books for kids and adults.

But that's not what this is about. (Yes, you can use that site for some of these ideas too, but I don't talk about it in there simply because this is a bit of a twist).

And yes, I have many books on Amazon KDP myself (99% do not have my name attached). And yes, I earn royalties regularly.  It isn't huge, but that's very honestly because my time has been very tied up serving my own website members.

Andreas has been publishing products on Kindle since 2012, and not only has some best sellers under his belt, but he also helps teach people how to make money with Kindle. 

As you can see, we know what we're talking about.

But you don't want a huge sales pitch and pie in the sky unreachable tactics or endless blah blah blah blah blah about nothing trying to hype you up.

Instead - let's get right to what this is, and how you can profit from it.

Get Video Training on 7 Fun Products you can create with what I call a "twist" - And you can be done and creating your own in about an hour!

This video series teaches you 7 ways to create products with this 'twist'.  

Is it new? Not really... you've probably already seen it (well, unless you've been living under a rock in the middle of the desert, you've seen it one way or another!), but there's a few tweaks we've seen that VERY FEW are doing... but the ones who are, are dominating Etsy and other stores.

In this new video series you're going to learn:

  • What the "Concept" is (I'll be honest, you won't really be blown away by it at first...)
  • How you can create 7 different Print on Demand and Printable products and profit with each one (and why they are in such huge demand).
  • How to create products to sell that work on Print on Demand sites (Gearbubble, Printful) to Etsy (Printables etc) to even Amazon KDP!

It's the perfect combination of multi-methods for earning with low content strategies.

FOUR of these are ones you PROBABLY haven't even paid attention to - and THAT is the key here. Even the ones you probably know of, you may be interested in what we found that you can create yourself and sell more of.

Each video in this series is short and to the point. You do NOT want to waste time, you want actionable steps rather than a ton of fluff.

The videos range from the shortest (excluding the intro), at 5:44 (5 minutes/44 seconds) to the longest being 13:59 (13 minutes, 59 seconds). The reast are between 6-9 minutes.

This is PERFECT for anyone short on time. Pretty much anyone can find 10  minutes or less in their day to watch the training. Then you can find another 10-15 minutes to create the products like we show you.

And that's the other key point:

We aren't just TELLING you what the concept is, we're actually showing you HOW to do it.

Let me show you some proof of these approaches that are just a bit different;

METHOD # 2 Proof

Minimum earned in these examples: $3136+ before fees - and notice the prices!  This is not a cheap $2 item :)

METHOD # 3 Proof

Minimum earned in these examples: $2861+ before fees. You can see this is HUGELY popular for buyers!

METHOD # 4 Proof

Minimum earned in these examples: $1045+ before fees. Note the highest selling is at $10!

METHOD # 7 Proof

Minimum earned in these examples: $828+ before fees. Note the highest selling is at $160! 

I'll admit, #7 was actually REALLY hard to find for sale, that's why one person is selling them for $160 - AND they are printables, not shipped!  (AKA: that means there is little competition!) And yet, each one is profitable!

Now You Can Capitalize On This Training and Create Your OWN  
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How fast can I make this work?

All you need is about an hour to get through all of the training, and then implement the strategies that YOU want to work with. Just because we give you 7 ways, doesn't mean you have to do all. I suggest focusing on just 2-3 of your favorites and make them work for you.

Do you guarantee income?

Of course not. We never promise how much you can make because we don't know you. You might be someone who does absolutely nothing with it - and unfortunately that means you won't earn either.  However, if you do follow the instructions, and get creative (I'm sure your mind will be spinning with ideas!), then there's nothing stopping you from reaching the goals you set for yourself.  This isn't a get rich quick scheme. These are legitimate ideas to help you build out your print on demand or printables business

Do I need expensive tools to create these products?

No. You can use free tools already available to you like Canva, Word, or Powerpoint if you have it (or a comparable alternative).

Some of the ideas aren't new. Can I get a refund?

We've already admitted some of them are not new, but we've put some twists on the concepts (and revealed several that are totally under-serviced!) Unfortunately because this is digital training there are no refunds. Quite frankly, when I revealed this to a few people in advance secretly, ALL of them said, "I've heard of this before but never thought to do it that way!"  We are not looking for tire kickers or people who simply jump from one idea to the next. If you want legitimate strategies and twists on existing concepts to put YOU above your competitors, then you will want to add this to your long term approach. (Because if you don't, THEY will).

Are there any upsells that I need to make this work?

There is one, but it is NOT required to make this work. (We don't believe in bombarding you with additional upsells). It is simply an option for an additional 4 lesser known methods/product types with this, and a bundle of templates for some of the printables to get you started.

Get Your Access INSTANTLY!

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For your success,

Amber Jalink & Andreas Quintana

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